About the book

"Timeless insights into the hidden dimensions of leadership"
- Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Bt, FRGS

Savage Coast is the inside story of Australia's first Arctic expedition.

Savage Coast is the raw story of what leadership is really like when your world goes upside down, and you are forced to confront your human flaws as you try to inspire your team to survive, endure, reframe and succeed.

It is both an important historical record of a major Australian achievement and a psychological exploration of the effects on both leader and team of complexity, isolation, continual uncertainty and the stresses of appalling weather and equipment failure.

On one level, Savage Coast is a business metaphor, revealing what it's like to attempt the impossible starting with nothing but an improbable idea, forced to learn everything on the journey with the ever-present risk of paying the ultimate price for failure.

On another level, Savage Coast provides a multi-layered narrative of leadership, revealing the essence of what you really need to know but sadly, Business Schools fail to teach. Here is the full story of a dream that took almost a decade of persistence and $2.5 million of sponsorship and philanthropy to bring to life, covering the lengthy creation of the expedition machine and its unexpected journey into the depths of Arctic winter.

Savage Coast is a valuable resource for understanding the human dimensions of leadership in the age of rapid climate change, with the fear of uncertainty that will emerge. It will help Millennial leaders who must face a future of escalating chaos and disruption as the world we once knew faces the prospect of Climate Collapse.

First published in 2010 as Seventh Journey, in an Author's Private Edition of 500 signed copies, with 16 pages of colour plates and 155 halftones throughout, this edition sold out quickly to private collectors and specialised libraries around the world.

Published in 2016, Savage Coast is a new edition which has been fully revised and updated with new research and extra maps, while retaining the 155 halftones throughout.


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