Praise for 'Savage Coast'


'A fascinating exploration of an explorer'
- Phillip Adams, AO. Broadcaster, film producer and author

'A powerful story of privation, courage, obstinacy and tenacity'
- Professor Barry Jones, AO. Writer, Australian Minister for Science 1983-90

'Makes valuable reading for today's business leaders'
- Jonathan Hutchings. Managing Director, World Wide Entertainment Ltd

'The action is utterly engrossing'
- Richard Gilmore. Executive Director EarthWatch Institute

'A disarmingly frank account. The writing soars'
- Andrew Hughes. Explorer, Founder Expedition-Class Online Learning

'A beautifully written and insightful story'
- Peter Hillary. Everest mountaineer & expedition leader. Author of international bestseller: 'The ghost country'

'A wonderful read and amazingly, it's all true!'
- John Bertrand, AM. Winner of the 1983 America's Cup. Author of international bestseller: 'Born to Win'.

'A masterpiece of exploration by a poet of action'
- Bill Green. Multi-award winning author. Screenwriter: 'Terminator 2'.

'Has the potential to become a classic in the genre'
- Rick Swinard. Corporate Affairs Manager, News Limited.

'A remarkable book and a classic of modern travel'
- Anthony Marshall. Award winning author and broadcaster.

'A truly exotic experience'
- Cheryl Barassi. Book reviewer & arts patron.

'An explosive mix of physical & human drama'
- Catherine Hammond. Editor & manuscript assessor for HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Allen & Unwin, Pearson.

'Earle is a romantic who knows how to bring history alive'
- Colin Monteath. Polar explorer & wilderness photographer.

Selected Reviews:
"There is a vast contrast between the hardships of polar travel and the stories that people tell afterwards. I recall very well the stark difference between the harsh reality of a long overland traverse of Antarctica and the post-hoc heroic rationalisations of some of my expedition members. Earle de Blonville has convincingly captured the reality of expedition life. He is refreshingly honest and direct. The book also provides fascinating insights into the personality of someone who would willingly embrace danger and great hardship. Described as pig-headed and an unrelenting bastard, de Blonville is inclined to agree with much of the description. A great read and fully captures the reality of leadership and adventure."
- Dr Iain McCormack. Polar Psychologist, New Zealand

"In a word, this book is literally 'un-put-downable'! The author disarms us with his self-deprecatory style, the lightness of the atmosphere, the ready admission of mistakes and even a questioning of his own capacity to bring it all off! The book is a rollicking adventure, the descriptions of nature in all her beauty and ferocity are entirely compelling. The human side of the drama emerges with deep insights into the complexity and unpredictability of reactions and relationships."
- Sir Gustav Nossal AO, FRS. Emeritus Professor, University of Melbourne
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